December 23, 2012

Cleanup Paused

I’m are pausing the remainder of the cleanup efforts until tomorrow, the site will be back at full performance shortly.

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December 22, 2012

Spam Cleanup 9p-12a EST

I’m in the process of cleaning all the spam out of the database.

The cleaning process may lead to decreased server performance during the maintenance window from 9p-12a EST 12/22/2012.

Please pardon the performance hit while I remove all of these garbage snipts, this will result in faster overall performance once the cleanup is complete.

Thanks for your patience.

| Comments (View) is once again running a proactive spam protection system. I’m working on blocking the tide of spam that has recently appeared on Thanks for your patience as I weed out these bots and spammers.
Dan Wasyluk, Founder (@danosphere)
September 9, 2012 is now fully migrated to its new home. Thanks for your patience!
September 8, 2012

Downtime-Migration - 12AM EST 09.09.2012 (3hrs)


Expect a small window of downtime tonight as I migrate all of to new hosting. The new hosting will provide for lower maintenance costs with higher, more rapid scalability options and a whole load of other cool resources.

The codebase, and DNS have already been migrated.

I will be shutting off the main site around 12AM EST, 09.08.2012 in order to migrate the database - the outage is planned for about 3hrs, and the site should be back up (along with all hosted code, embedded code, etc) by 3AM EST, 09.09.2012.

Thanks for the patience and the new hosting should provide for a much faster experience!

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May 2, 2012
The snipt editing bug is now fixed!
March 6, 2012

Minor Bugfixes Posted

Just pushed an update to the site addressing a few issues regarding the display of certain characters, and the “theme browser” not rendering correctly. Other minor backend unmentionables as well ;).

Enjoy. Please contact me directly with ANY problems: @danosphere

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Up And Running!

Thanks to a nifty little article I’ve gotten everything back and running in far less than the anticipated 24 hours. Everything should be right as rain again, the theme browser page is not operational at the moment but will be restored tonight.

Thanks for your patience, no data/snipts were lost in the shuffle! :)

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Downtime will be experiencing downtime for the next 24hrs. Sorry for any inconvenienve this poses, all snipts and functionality will be restored after this maintenenance window.

Thanks for your patience!

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February 22, 2012

Snipt 3.10beta Live!

I quietly rolled out Snipt v3.10b last night. Some of the changes include:

  • Backend optimizations to make everything faster.
  • Fixed some XSS gaps
  • Added expansion memory- the website will remember the state in which you prefer to view snipts (expanded or standard) and you can pass the state in the URL by simply adding #expand. 
  • Added admin tools to help napalm spam
  • Added the ability to recover deleted snipts within 30 days (requires admin assistance)
  • Fixed a range of database indexing problems.
  • The 3.0 API is ready, but I haven’t flipped the switch on it yet because I need to update the documentation.
  • Fixed duplicitous v2-to-v3 migration on demand issues and cleaned up the duplicate snipts.

LOTS more coming, this is just more work shoring up the foundation and core new architecture now that v3 runs on a custom backend and has moved away from the Wordpress backend I was using to power v2 (albeit highly customized, it made the site slower than it needed to be).

Love hearing requests for new features, feel free to comment, visit the feedback section or tweet at me. Hope you enjoy the updates! Don’t forget to use a sniptbox to easily manage and secure your code!

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