October 18, 2011

Important Note: Major Migration Occurring 10.23.2011


Hello fellow code monkeys! It’s been a long, long time since the last update but I’ve been hard at work trying to make Snipt.org faster, scalable, and more reliable. What started out as a personal project/experiment in enabling code ubiquity is transforming into something bigger, and better and faster.

In order to ensure you’re most-valued code is not lost in the migration, please make sure to put any snipts you want to save in a SniptBox. The process is easy- simply login using Twitter, and then edit the snipt you wish to save. Check “add to SniptBox” and click the Save button. Please move all your snipts into a SniptBox by 10.23.2011 11:59PM to guarantee data integrity.

For those of you who have not used a SniptBox and no longer have the ability to edit your snipts- fear not, the new architecture should be able to migrate your snipt on-demand as soon as a request is made for it, at which point it will be “recreated” within the new architecture. Moving forward please consider using a SniptBox to manage your snipts- the SniptBox will become an increasingly central piece of the Snipt.org architecture, so long as your snipts are kept in a SniptBox they will never die (unless you kill them).

I’m really excited to be rolling out the new architecture, I’ll post once the move is complete. There will be a number of features returning that have been gone for a while, and there will be an select few features that will fall off temporarily as they are re-implemented in the new architecture, the new back-end has been rebuilt from the ground up! Thanks everyone for you patience with the sites performance and up-time, its about to get MUCH better!

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