October 27, 2010

"Recent" Page Temporarily Down

As you may have noticed, a lot is changing here at Snipt.org! The web UI is much better, the site is faster, and embeds have been optimized too! You may have also noticed that the “Recent Snipts” page is gone! I have taken it down temporarily as I work to cleanup and protect the site from spam.

There are some spam countermeasures currently in place, but for some reason the spam keeps coming! So I am working hard to put effective blockers in place to stop the influx of spam, and cleanup all the existing spam. After that cleanup is done, the “Recent Snipts” page will be back, and better than ever as it should be all code and no spam!

There is another post in the pipeline about everything that is new and awesome here at Snipt.org, and everything that is on the way, but I’ll share that with you once the spam issue is resolved.

As always, if you need to reach me I’m just a tweet away, and thanks again for supporting Snipt.org!

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