February 22, 2012

Snipt 3.10beta Live!

I quietly rolled out Snipt v3.10b last night. Some of the changes include:

  • Backend optimizations to make everything faster.
  • Fixed some XSS gaps
  • Added expansion memory- the snipt.org website will remember the state in which you prefer to view snipts (expanded or standard) and you can pass the state in the URL by simply adding #expand.¬†
  • Added admin tools to help napalm spam
  • Added the ability to recover deleted snipts within 30 days (requires admin assistance)
  • Fixed a range of database indexing problems.
  • The 3.0 API is ready, but I haven’t flipped the switch on it yet because I need to update the documentation.
  • Fixed duplicitous v2-to-v3 migration on demand issues and cleaned up the duplicate snipts.

LOTS more coming, this is just more work shoring up the foundation and core new architecture now that Snipt.org v3 runs on a custom backend and has moved away from the Wordpress backend I was using to power v2 (albeit highly customized, it made the site slower than it needed to be).

Love hearing requests for new features,¬†feel free to comment, visit the feedback section or tweet at me. Hope you enjoy the updates! Don’t forget to use a sniptbox to easily manage and secure your code!

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