February 4, 2009

New Features - SniptBox and Private Snipts

Thanks everyone for all the support shown towards Snipt.org! I’m glad people are using this thing, and as such, have added some new features:

Snipt Box

Snipt Box allows you to easily retrieve code that you snip. It uses your twitter info to create a ‘Snipt Box’ just for you. To use Snipt Box just check “Add to my Snipt Box” from the homepage. You can always access your box via http://box.snipt.org/twitterusername.

Private Snipts

Got a Snipt you don’t want to show up in search results? Just check the “private” checkbox on the homepage and your Snipt will be hidden from search, but it will still show up in your box.

As always you can still post Snipts without your twitter data, just leave the “Save to my Snipt Box” option unchecked.

Thanks again for all the support, hope the community finds these tools useful!
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