February 5, 2009

New Feature - Snipt Embedding [beta]

I’m happy to announce you can now embed your Snipts! Just click the “Embed this Snipt” link at the bottom of your Snipt, you will get a short <script>, this will allow you to embed your Snipt anywhere you want! Just copy paste the code into any HTML form!

Styling the Embed

In addition to embedding Snipts you can also style the embed container. Here are the stylable elements (widget, snipt title, snipt language, header, code container). They can be controlled by overriding the style names below AFTER the embed code:

To change the font size of the formatted code you’ll need to add ‘&fontsize=18’ (changes font to 18px) to the end of the embed src. The default fontsize is 12px.

Here are the default values for the embed styles, remember for your stylings to take effect you need to override these CSS ID’s after the embed tag.

That’s it, your ready to start sharing your Snipts with the world! Please remember this is BETA. If you have any problems at all please tweet@me or post to the feedback forums.

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